I’m a hundred miles short of downtown, Chicago. Will take a quick look around the windy city tomorrow, then move on – I’m yearning for the smell of salt air.

It was a gripping day. Strong crosswinds kept me on my toes.

I took a 25¢ tour of downtown Omaha this morning, then got on the road. Thought I’d be beyond Chicago by evening, but the wind made going a little tough. A gusty 15-20 knots on the forward starboard side was jolting the bike in every direction. I really had to pay attention….and, thankfully, so did the cars and trucks!

I’m now a hundred miles short of downtown Chicago. Tomorrow, I will have a quick look around the city and move on – I’m beginning to yearn for salt air.

Green House-IllinoisI saw a lot of beautiful stuff, today – especially when I found Hwy 6 after getting lost looking for a gas station. What a fantastically scenic road! The towns and houses are right out of Norman Rockwell paintings. But, for time’s sake, I’m glad to have re-found the I-80 –– or I’d still be only halfway from Omaha taking pictures!

I’m shooting for Cleveland tomorrow.