Land’s End

A friendly dog walker

It was a day full of surprises…

Uber is without a doubt amazing. And its website should be given credit for making it so.

But the two times I used it, here in the city of its origin, which I might add did add a sense of nostalgia to it, did both times raise levels of frustration.

But the price and the kindness of the first driver, I ended up taking the bus the second time, made up for all its short comings – including when the bus let me off several miles further than I wanted to go….which is no trite matter when you’ve got fifty pounds on your back.

So, I started at Land’s End – a welcome unintended change in my plan, actually. I happily meandered along the shaded trails established above a precipitous coastline which eventually turns into the southern embankment of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I shared the path with dog walkers and joggers enjoying the delightful morning.  One of the above dog walkers was Valery, who I asked directions to my departure’s original location, The Legion Of Honor Museum.


Now, whether it’s by design or by chance – I’ll never know – but while I’m taking pictures on the front steps of the museum I see Valery again, and she invites me to join her to see the exhibit as a member’s guest. What a treat! An extensive collection of Pierre Bonnard and Raphael’s, Girl With Unicorn are on display. Thank you, Valery –– I go, inspired!

Departure from Ventura

Goodbye, my Loving family, for now I say farewell, I’m going on a walkabout.

Saying goodbye is never fun. But I’m happy to know the space I leave will never remain empty and soon be filled with the Love of other family members.

I don’t know what’s in store ahead, or even if parts of this journey are feasible to overcome — especially at my age. But, because the journey advances only one step at a time, I don’t expect too many surprises and look forward to some adventure, and I hope some interesting stories and sights to share.

For me, it’s a discovery of America, a country I do not know very well. And what better way is there to see a place other than at the pace of a snail?