Nice Rack

Some days are just bad. And some days are just GREAT! Today was one of those.


It was my first 100 mile ride and I could not have had better weather for it. On the road at 0930 heading southwest to San Leandro – near Oakland – to buy a sissy bar for the bike.

I’m going from backpack to T-Bag, which is a very sturdy touring bag made for motorcycles – it came with the bike – I just needed a sissy bar to attach it to.

Successful trip! I didn’t ride all that way for nothing. A practice I’ve been perfecting this whole past week! It’s mind boggling how little some of these mega stores carry. But today was boom, boom, boom!

The rack is just awesome! Beautifully made and so easy to attach! Mutazu Motorcycle Accessories Inc. manufactures brand name knockoffs in China. They, clearly, have a very high standard. The three ladies in the front room were both helpful and knowledgeable. And they managed to give me a generous amount of time, even while answering a nonstop stream of phone calls, taking orders.

License-PlateMy next stop was East Bay Motor Sports in Haywood. Again, boom, boom – they had what I was looking for! Air filter, transmission oil, plain chrome license plate frame –– bye, bye, barbed wire! Anyone want to buy it? Five bucks – plus shipping!

pho-HaywoodNow, it’s lunch time – forty-five minutes past one, to be exact. Someone mentioned the Phó restaurant near Matazu was really good. So, off I went — and it was great! BOOM!

This painting was on the wall in the restaurant. I thought it was really beautiful.

With a to-do list all complete and happy belly I head to Jack London Square to re-follow the Lincoln Highway in its entirety. I got off the San Francisco/Oakland ferry nine days ago –– can it be?  It feels like two months! And, now, here I am with wheels and not on foot. Thank God humanity moved ahead!