It’s nice to be riding in rolling hills again – among trees that grow higher than the knees.

Maryland is a tropical rain forest, compared to what’s west of West Virginia, along I-70. The road begins to twist and turn into the granite wrinkles of the Allegheny Mountains – a characteristic of road I haven’t seen for 2000 miles since the Rockies.

The forest gets thicker and greener the further east I travel and the road frequently traverses bridges spanning sizable rivers.

I arrived in Maryland excited to see my cousins. They are the family of my mother’s niece, her sister’s daughter, with a recent addition – baby Luca.


Without question, my visit will be a trilogy of events: Food……conversation……and more food. Bob, the proverbial don, makes everything. You should try his Italian meatballs, Italian pasta, and Italian spaghetti sauce. But that’s not the extent of it, his repertoire is more diverse: he also makes Italian-style chow mien, Italian-style bacon cheese burgers, and Italian-style Hungarian goulash. There is no way around it, you either eat or you’ll be banished.

It’s wonderful to have family. We were the only part of ours who moved west and I sometimes wonder how life would be if we didn’t.

The bike needs some attention, mostly minor issues I bought with the bike. The front fork seals need replacing, the front brake needs rebuilding, and I’ll replace a tumbler lock that someone damaged trying to get into a saddle bag in Sacramento. She already got a well deserved bath, and I finally got to changing the oil in rear gearbox. She’s nearly ready to roll for more.

In the interim, the blog may go quite. I doubt you want to hear about picnics or motorcycle maintenance. But more will come – and if you Subscribe to the blog in the box above, the next post will be sent to you by email.

Ciao for now.