Cold Spring

Fifty-five miles up the Hudson River is the picturesque hamlet of Cold Spring.

Fifty-five miles up the Hudson River is the picturesque hamlet of Cold Spring.

It’s rumored the great George Washington himself tasted the water from a well at the lower end of town and pronounced, “It’s cold”. Hence, the origin of the name. Even back then–public figures were over scrutinized by the press!

As I left Manhattan, I happily checked another item off the bucket list – I finally visited Harlem. I was pleased to discover it’s nothing like how Hollywood depicts it. The neighborhoods were clean and felt secure. People of every age and color went about their business in the streets. It felt like a community…like the village –- maybe we should call it NOVI –– North Village.

I followed 5th Avenue to where it met the Harlem River, then headed west down 135th Street until the eastern tower of the George Washington Bridge appeared above the four story walk ups along Amsterdam Avenue. I zigged and zagged through sun drenched streets until I reached the bridge. Then crossed over the superior vena cava of our country – the beautiful Hudson River.

CabinThe imagery of concrete and bricks dissolves quickly once on the other side. Dense stands of trees and outcrops of chocolate colored stone frame the roadside.

I’m heading north to cousin Jimmy’s, my mother’s late sister’s son, who’s tucked away in the hills behind Cold Spring. He and his family own a cabin built on the grounds of an old estate, which once belong to the man who invented the Globe Meat Slicer. He developed the property with an idealistic Norwegian community in mind. The cabins are so charming it’d be no surprise to see Hansel & Gretel wondering about.

We had a wonderful few days and happy to catch up on each others lives. I got to see my little cousin, Jamie – who is no longer so little anymore – do what she really loves…ride horses.