The State Capital

I think I’ve found a new purpose in life… To boldly go, where no man has gone before, and seek out and try every last burger joint in the country!

Jim-DennysGood gawd, Margaret, history really does repeat itself!

Fat GuyI’ve finally found a purpose in life… To boldly go where no man has gone before – to seek out, and destroy, every last burger in every last burger joint in the country!

Located on 12th Street, downtown,  Jim-Denny’s Hamburger restaurant is as authentic as they come. The friendly staff put on a good show and the burgers are dressed for going to town. Mine was carpeted with a plush layer of melted Swiss cheese, then violently molested with a handful of raw garlic. Jim-Denny’s takes no responsibility if all future dates can only be found with Italian nationals – which, AIN’T A BAD THING, if you think about it!

(No, I’m not trying to start a food column)

MexResto…..then for dinner, I had a burrito at Sal’s Taco. Located just over the 1st Street Bridge in West Sacramento. It’s a colorful place with great atmosphere, and complimentary chips and salsa bar with lot’s of assorted choices to dip your chips into.

My burrito came wrapped in a rustic style tortilla, very nice, and the asada beef was beautifully seasoned and very flavorful, but so was the grizzle – Cookie must have been daydreaming when she was prepping the meat. The ambiance and cute smiles made up for any lack of oversight.

CapitolBetween meals – yes, there was time between meals – I explored the city a bit.

The Capitol Building is very impressive. If size has any relevance to importance – then California isn’t lacking! The edifice would not look out of place on the National Mall.

Sacramento has a great collection of modern buildings as well. They line the edges of a broad avenue leading up to the Capitol Building. And, nearby, the Convention Center is second to none.

The residential neighborhoods are filled with classic Victorian homes. There are plenty of flowers and tree covered streets – all wonderfully fragrant this time of year.

It’s been nice spending time in the Capitol. The people seem happy here. They say the cost of living is not too hard to earn. It’s a place I’ve only previously passed through – glad I got to know it a little bit.