The new motorcycle should improve progress on many fronts.

Well, here’s what the doctor ordered……Dr. Scholls that is!

That a happy Italian guy on the motorcycle is about to get a whole bunch of bugs on his teeth.

I had a decision to make about this project and it wasn’t easy: Am I here to walk the length of Lincoln Hwy or am I here to explore and paint it. The answer has always been: to explore and paint.

There are two intrinsic problems with the idea of walking – three, if you include the blisters on my feet. One, I can’t think of a way to lighten my pack – not if I’m going to walk, do artwork, and keep a blog.

Everything is pared down to a minimum – but even then, because there will be times with nothing around for days – I have to be prepared for everything. So, clothes for all conditions, two sketchbooks, a compact traveling watercolor set, traveling brushes – I wish I had an easel! Then, for blogging, I have a 13″ MacBook, an external drive, a cell phone, a Cannon G7x with spare batteries, two miles of necessary chords and chargers, etc., etc.. My backpack weighs 60 lbs., which is lot of weight to carry 3000+ miles.

The second difficulty to overcome on foot is; time – I have no time to paint. Not when that means taking off my backpack, getting the art stuff out, doing the drawing, packing it up again…..for crying out loud, Donald Trump will be in his third term by the time I get to New York!

I’m truly sorry to change plans, but this solution solves many problems. I’ll even backtrack to Jack London Square, in Oakland, and complete the entire route –– which, by not doing that portion of the highway, was a change of plan in itself.