It was a nice ride over the hill. A great art store and another motorcycle part brings me to Reno.

It was a pleasurable ride over the hill – lots of nice scenery.

I doubled back on Sunday’s ride around the lake and headed out of California from the north end of Tahoe, via Emerald Bay, and the beautiful western shoreline.

A great art store, Nevada Fine Arts, had an easel I wanted (maybe now I’ll get some artwork done), and another motorcycle part, brings me to Reno. I guess I should have known a $3200 motorcycle would nickle and dime me to death.
…….this is the last thing!

The Reno Arch was built to commemorate the first road across America. It represents the gateway to the west. And, like most things American, it was part of a marketing campaign for Reno, by supporting the proclamation that you are now entering, “The Biggest Little City In The World”.

Nevada air is different from the other side of the mountain. I was riding through warm, dry, pockets, carrying with them smells of different flora.

Will be happy to get through here before it becomes a frying pan.