Wrestling A Wrench

It’s soon obvious motorcycles are a labor of love. And working on them is really quite enjoyable.

Chimp MechanicIt soon becomes obvious that motorcycles are a labor of love.

Unlike cars, everything is easy to access – it’s really quite enjoyable working on them. You remove the tank, seat, and side covers, and you’re down to the frame.

This morning I ran a USB chord to the handlebars. The bike came with a nice cellphone bracket. Now I can run map apps all day long. Handy when you’re in a city. It makes getting out of bad parts of town easy when you get lost…like I did last night! Which, by the way, didn’t prevent me from getting a pizza while I was there.

I’m not on the road, yet, because I need a sissy bar/luggage rack to secure all my stuff. They’re hard to find for this year of bike but there is a place in Oakland that carries them. Of course they’re closed on the weekend so I’ll go Monday…..I spent all day yesterday finding a battery — also something the Honda dealers no longer carry. 🙁

But good fortune in the end, because the shop is located almost precisely where I departed the Highway to bypass the big loop, and it runs through Chinatown, which I was sorry to miss the first time around. It must be my Chinese luck.