The balmy summer months in Portland, bring schools of swarming tourists. And every Autumn, cruise ships spill thousands of souvenir–seeking–leaf-peepers onto the city like pregnant seahorses.

What does Portland, Maine compare to…?

It sits like a yard worker, at the water’s edge, looking out over the harbor, with pant legs frayed over the top of its boots, wearing a sweater soiled and pulled out of shape, with holes not large enough to discard it. And it is eating a gourmet lunch from a high-tech lunchbox.

Portland is a mixture of old and new. The wharves and quays are home to numerous fishing boats, tour companies, ferry boat companies, tugboats, container terminals, and shipyards. And restaurants, bars, yacht brokers, condos, and art galleries add to the juxtaposition like fruit in your oatmeal.

Portland Wharf
Portland Wharf

The balmy summer months bring swarming schools of tourists. Some arrive by land, others by sea. Whether they came from Canada or the States, the journey was long, even aboard ferries arriving from Nova Scotia.

In Autumn, the cruise ships dominate the east end of town, spewing thousands of leaf peepers out like immense seahorses giving birth.

Moving up the hillside, downtown is perched – like a mythical Osprey in its nest of tangled twigs. Here 18th century federal style buildings reside uncomfortably beside their multi-storied grandchildren – the proud new generation  made from; triple pained glass, brushed stainless steel, and polished basalt. They stands brazenly up to their aging ancestors.

A modern city is rising from the clunky streets, which are  disappearing into the sinkholes of time.

Restaurants, micro-breweries, and cyber cafes are numerous. You can find an entire spectrum of fares from every ethnicity on the globe, satisfying every taste. Even a vegan will find an adequate pasture to graze in this town.

Some culinary experts say Portland is second to only San Fransisco. A bold proclamation, but if you consider its resources; the abundance of seafood at its reach, as well as an impressive organic farm movement dominating the land, reports like that are not far stretched.

As for Mainer’s, don’t let their modest demeanor fool you. Hard winters have tempered the constitution of their hearts.

The bounty and beauty of this land keeps them cheerful – but cunning characters for sure, and they dwell beneath veil of childish naivety.

I’m certain their smiles have underlying contempt.Their greeting to visitors is,”Hi, welcome to Maine”, but really they’re asking, “When are you leaving?”

Am I being harsh? Maybe.

They are proud to be called, Mainer’s. Ranked the forty-first least populated state in the country, perhaps their pride is rooted in the knowledge that so few Americans can say that.