My good fortune continued when a little further on I found a Farmer’s Market and Safeway where I was able to catch up on the blog….

From out of the shadows into the light…what an appropriate scenario for Easter Day.

By chance, St. Monica’s Catholic Church was the first thing I came to as I entered the town of Moraga. It’s an impressive building if you ever have the chance to visit. I made Easter mass just in time for the sermon before the Eucharist – that will make some people I know happy. 🙂 And my good fortune continued when I fell upon a Farmer’s Market and Safeway next. Fresh fruit and a couple of cups of hot coffee was a welcome thing after spending the night out in the wild. A nice gentleman said he saw me in church and was curious to know what I was doing – it’s always an artist’s pleasure to know our actions are touching others.

Further down the road was the good town of Lafayette, and appropriately so, a group of people playing the French game Pétanque. I stopped to take a photograph have a chat. They were  a cheerful group, many of them speaking french. It wasn’t long before they asked me to joind to join the game. People can be so wonderful! One of the gents gave me all kinds of good information about what route to take to Sacramento.

Cycling must be one of the reasons why people move to this are. Ever since I came over the hill I have seen more cyclist than cars. I suspect the man above, who was – at least – a year or two older than I, was also a two wheel enthusiast and knew the various routes to Sacramento because he already peddled the distance himself.

I made it to Walnut Creek just as the day was coming to a close. A room at Motel 6 is not making feel a bit guilty, either – if  you knew the pain I was suffering from my blisters.

Here is dinner below, which the power bar was provided by a nice lady at the Pétanque game. I never caught her name, so we’ll call her Madame Cochonnet, who was everything but then what the name suggests. 🙂

Easter Dinner