Sometimes too much of a good thing can kill you.

I made it to Elko before sunset and it’s a good thing, because there were some bully looking clouds out there who meant business.

I checked into the Oak Tree Inn and surfed the internet for the best places to eat. Top of the list was The Star Hotel.

Now of all things that I thought I might find in Elko – it wasn’t a Basque Restaurant! But, apparently there’s a strong community of Basques who settled here.

The food was served in so shameful an amount…I had to look around to see if I was on hidden camera.

Food Lineup SoupThey start by bringing you a healthy serving of Porrusalda soup. It was just what I needed after the day’s ride….

…but then came the onslaught; neck of lamb, prepared authentically – baked until it fell off the bone, green beans and garlic, delicious french fries, two types of kidney beans, a plate of spaghetti, homemade bread and salad with homemade dressing — did I say there were two of us?

Then to top it off – and this was the real killer – an adorable young waitress recites to you their list of deserts, which is included in the price, and recommends her favorite; the bread pudding with whiskey sauce….which is my personal favorite! I had already eaten so much food that snot was running out my nose! But how could I resist?

bread puddingAnd to continue the subject of things unusual, the place was packed on a Tuesday night! And stranger still, they were all Rednecks ––– who I hope read this only after I’m well out of town!